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I recently had an attack on my computer. No idea what happened exactly. I don’t believe that it was a virus. But suddenly some of the hardware and software stopped working. The end result is that my computer was completely whipped clean and just barely saved in the end from becoming garbage. Its very sad, but I’m back up now -so it could be worse.

At the moment, I’m sure I don’t even remember some of the great stuff I don’t have now. 😦


Chilli from TLC drops Bi Polar in 2008


Chilli “Bipolar” Album

TLC member Chilli will be releasing her upcoming debut album entitled “Bi Polar” later this year.She has confirmed that the track Dumb Dumb Dumb will be the first single.

The singer has revealed that she named the project Bipolar because it is filled with many different sounds.

Anyone who loves Kate Nash

Kate Nash

So I was thinking that I should share this. Anyone who loves Kate Nash will appreciate it.

This is a link to a fan site where you can find lots of her music!

Check it out here:

Mel B…

Mel B has quickly become one of my favorites to watch this year. She was first brought to my attention in the 90s obviously, with the Spice Girls. She’s been back in my face with Dancing With The Stars. She was fantastic! She is so much fun. Also she had some scandal last year with Dr. Doolittle. The baby momma drama did wonders for her!

Now I am HYPE about her new CD.

She did some hot stuff with Missy Elliott in 98 with I Want U Back which went to #1 in the UK.

For her new album she is working with one of my all time favorite producers. Rodney DARKCHILD Jerkins! She has confirmed that she is collaborating with Janet Jackson and MISSY ELLIOTT on the project so I expect it to be FIRE!

“I not scared of having another try. I am working with the best producers ever. I am now ten tracks in to my new record. I am doing something with Janet Jackson which should be amazing. I am also going to hook up with Missy again”.

Mel B

Narnia – Prince Caspian

Went and caught this flick on the big screen last night with my boyfriend. He’s been a fan of the Narnia book series since he was a child, so he was giddy  to go see it.  Although some of the scenes were a bit cheesy – overall I really enjoyed the film. There were plenty of hot young men and enough laugh out loud moments that I would recommend this film to anyone who also has a boyfriend in desperate need of seeing it!