Gay Coloring Assignment Has Parents of Nursery Schoolers Seeing Red

I came across a shocking article!

GENEVA, NY—When four-year-old Amanda Parker arrived home from nursery school at East Street Elementary last week, she was eager to show her parents the picture she’d drawn that day. But when the tot removed the crayon-on-manila-paper creation from her bulging backpack, her parents were shocked at what they saw. Amanda had drawn and colored a rainbow, the official symbol of the homosexual agenda in this country.”

“To say we were taken aback would be a serious understatement,” says Amanda’s father Dan, a facilities technician. “As soon as we saw what she had in her hand our jaws just dropped.” Then came the hard part: Dan and his wife Margie had to explain to their daughter what was wrong with the picture she’d drawn and the colors she’d used.

“She got it,” he notes. “We tore it up as a family.” That night, with Amanda tucked in and in the arms of the Sandman, Dan and Margie began to discuss filing a lawsuit against the school.

This article is really heartbreaking. As a homosexual, it’s a shame that people are still openly teaching hate to children. Its pretty sickening. Their innocent child drew a picture of a rainbow – She didn’t use the typical colors of the rainbow. She used primarily pink making her rainbow no longer just a rainbow – but rather a GAY rainbow. WHAT? Perhaps she didn’t have enough of the right coloured crayons… or perhaps she is just too young to have learned about primary colours and rainbows. Either way – it’s pretty rediculous and scary.

The sad thing is – if they do take the school to court. They will likely win – rather then being charged by the judge for waisting everyones time.

LOVE IS LOVE – a Rainbow – is a RAINBOW.

On a happy note though… perhaps gays have become so common and open in the US that she has seen more GAY themed rainbows then real rainbows. Looking at it that way – it seems like a breakthrough. I’ll hold on to that.


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