Brandy’s new single “Long Distance”

brandy_distance2Last month, when Brandy revealed that her new album, Human, is “versatile” and that she made the album for everybody truer words had never been spoken, as the singer’s new single, Long Distance, discusses one of the obstacles that oh-so-many relationships encounter.

On yet another Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins-produced single, Brandy clings to the hope that her mate understands how difficult their separation is for her.  While we’re sure “he” understands, it’s safe to assume anyone not dating Ms. Norwood probably feels the exact same way.

Long Distance, which follows the lead single, Right Here (Departed), should have plenty of time to bubble at pop radio before the release of Human on December 9. This photo is from the video shoot for Long Distance.

Robot founder Chris Robinson directed the music video for Long Distance on Thursday November 6, 2008 at the spectacular Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. Chris was also responsible for directing Brandy’s second single and title track for her 2002 album “Full Moon” The new video should be available soon. I’ll post it here when it is.


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