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Temposhark – New album!

The UK indie group Temposhark is gearing up to the release of their 2nd album. The follow up to 2008’s “The Invisible Line” will be available later this year according to an email I got from lead singer Robert.

To celebrate the coming of new music from Temposhark – I wanted to post a remix that I did of “Joy” from “The Invisible Line”.


Joy (Tyler Adam reMIX) by Temposhark

Download Here


Coconut Records – Davy

My new favorite CD just came out. The album is called Davy and it’s put together by solo artist Jason Schwartzman aka Coconut Records.

This is Jason’s second album. Davy is the follow up to 2007’s “Nighttiming”.

Both albums are great! Listen to Davy in full by visiting Coconut Records on MySpace!

Tyler Adam interviews with UnderGroundLicks

Interview by: Charles Mattock of

Q Tell us about your name and your style?

A: Well, my name Tyler Adam is simply part of my real name: Tyler Adam Flear. My style is soulful, heartfelt, and easily relatable to others. My musical influences are the likes of Lauryn Hill, Timbaland, Eryka Badu, and Brandy. As a white R&B singer I have to recognize that there will be comparisons made between myself and Justin Timberlake’s style. I would have to say that my style doesn’t fit into any category completely. I am still working on finding my style as well. It is still growing and changing as I am.

Q Why do you think you have what it takes to make it in this business?

A: I have what it takes to make it in the music industry because I am working from a real, true, heartfelt place. Music is in my very soul and my music is a reflection of that. When you put everything you are into your music, people can’t help but relate to you, and therefore want to listen.

Q What steps are you taking to make your dreams come true and what do your family and friends think about this?

A: I have been working for the past five years to really get a feel for writing and producing my own music. I’ve been perfecting my recording habits and just working on being comfortable with my voice and my songs. When they are as personal as I like to make them you are taking a chance when putting out for the public. A chance that I am capable and ready to take now.

Q What inspires you when you create and have you done any shows?

A: I am inspired by everything. I am one of those people that can find a song in anything. I keep a journal and often the things that I experience and write about on a daily basis become the subjects of my songs.

Q Once you get big and famous what artist would you like to have massage your feet on the beach and why?

A: Whoa..that is quite the question. Ah, I would have to say that I would want Brandy to be the famous artist that gives my feet a massage..and this is only because I so badly wish to have a conversation with her. She has been a huge influence in life and in music.

Q What do you feel about the quality of music today and how can others contact us for more info?

A: I find that there are quality artists out there that are being overlooked for the marketable music. I mean this new wave of artists is pretty amusing. I feel that real music is starting to make a comeback though. I find that more and more young people are seeing through the cheese and looking for the real musical talents.

Hard Times for Hollywood

In case you don’t already have this incredible HOMO-HOP song you need to download it. I know I do sing on the song so I probably shouldn’t be in love with it as much as I am – But I’m also a big fan of Hollywood. He’s the featured artist on the song in question. I’m talking about “Hard Times” (feat. Hollywood).

Hard Times [Part II] (feat. Hollywood) by Tyler Adam

reMIX3D Vol. 5 – Free Download

I’ve been on my remix tip the last few weeks. I’ve put together my latest mixtape – reMIX3D Vol. 5 – It’s free to download – pass the link on to anyone you think might like it!!!

Download Here


  1. I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time (Tyler Adam reMIX) – Mariah Carey
  2. Peace & Hate (Tyler Adam reMIX) – The Submarines
  3. True Skool (Tyler Adam reMIX) – Coldcut
  4. Bartender (feat. Akon) (Tyler Adam reMIX) – T-Pain
  5. Joy (Tyler Adam reMIX) – Temposhark
  6. Still Alive (Tyler Adam reMIX) – Lisa Miskovsky
  7. Color, Culture, Money, Beauty (Tyler Adam reMIX) – Tigarah
  8. Carefree (Tyler Adam reMIX) – The Perishers
  9. White Kids Aren’t Hyphy (Tyler Adam reMIX) – MC Lars
  10. Where You At (Tyler Adam reMIX) – J.R. Writer

Everyone Had A Hard Year

Here is a new song that I recorded to finish out 2008. It’s a cover / remix of The Beatles song “Everyone Had a Hard Year”


Everyone Had  A Hard Year (Beatles Cover) – Tyler Adam

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2009!