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Toy Soldier

I have been sent a song to record from singer/songwriter JaySING called “Toy Soldier” .. it’s an uber gay rap track with a simple but catchy hook. It’s a song about standing up for gay rights. It’s a song that uses Toy Soldiers as a metaphor for self-hating closeted gays.

I usually like to empower gays and not make fun of them.. as I am one.. but I feel like coming out and standing up for our rights is an important thing to do. It’s not always safe when you are young and it can be very, very hard.. so I am in no way saying you have to do so… but for me. It’s important to take a stand and be brave, openly gay singer-songwriter. So I sing the song in fun and I hope it makes you feel empowered. Even if you just listen to it at home alone in your “closet”

I have not finished recording it just yet. I want to see about adding a few more harmonies to give it a professional sound. When it’s all done I’ll post it up for free download.


“Not About Me”

There is a great guy out there that go’s by the name Brett Alan Basil. He’s also part of the Band “Pink Sheep” which I hear has recently disbanded. Brett has been a friend of mine for a few months now and has been sending me demo’s to record. The first song I did with Brett is called “Not Enough Love”

“Not Enough Love” is a rock song in the style of The Beatles. It’s a heartbreaking piano ballad about a lover that repeatedly strays and yet remains hopeful he can return home. The song is about not having enough love left in your heart to let them back in even one more time. It’s about finally closing the door.

I released the song online in January of this year as an EP featuring the title track, an A Capella and the instrumental. So far the song has had success on reaching the #1 spot on the Rock charts. The song has also broken into the top 200 Rock songs on

“Not Enough Love” can also be heard on CBCRadio3 & Official.FM

Just a few days ago Brett emailed me a new demo called “Not About You” .. about a full of themselves prick who always has to get their own way. I decided to spin it a bit and I recorded the song as “Not About Me”, singing from the perspective of the self-centered bastard. I have just posted it up for stream/download on FaceBook, ReverbNation & Official.FM

Check it out!!

Tyler Adam –Not About Me

“Let’s Dance”

I have been given a song called “Let’s Dance” by Jaden Rosencrans to record. It’s a fun pop song about taking over the world with dance. 😀 The beat is fantastic!! I recorded the bulk of my vocals for it a few days ago, and got to spend some time earlier today mixing them. I am thinking that it would be fun to have a few friends record vocals for the hook.. so I’m holding onto it for now. Jaden’s version of the song is out right now as his current single. Once mine is done and Jaden give’s me the okay I will post it up for you all to enjoy. It make me happy so I’m sure it will do the same for you!
-Tyler Adam

Studio Layout

Today I am moving the studio into a new location. It’s always exciting to have a new creative space to work in. However, it also a bit stressful to have all of my precious gear being moved about. Hopefully it will all be set up soon and I can go back to making music.

In the meantime – here’s a cover I did of Kyle Ord’s song “Dance Till They Kill Us”

Tyler Adam - Dance Till They Kill Us
Tyler Adam – Dance Till They Kill Us (Kyle Ord Cover)

Long time no see!..

To anyone who visits here or has this saved in their fav’s.. I apologize for being away so long. I am back now and will update more regularly.