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Toy Soldier

I have been sent a song to record from singer/songwriter JaySING called “Toy Soldier” .. it’s an uber gay rap track with a simple but catchy hook. It’s a song about standing up for gay rights. It’s a song that uses Toy Soldiers as a metaphor for self-hating closeted gays.

I usually like to empower gays and not make fun of them.. as I am one.. but I feel like coming out and standing up for our rights is an important thing to do. It’s not always safe when you are young and it can be very, very hard.. so I am in no way saying you have to do so… but for me. It’s important to take a stand and be brave, openly gay singer-songwriter. So I sing the song in fun and I hope it makes you feel empowered. Even if you just listen to it at home alone in your “closet”

I have not finished recording it just yet. I want to see about adding a few more harmonies to give it a professional sound. When it’s all done I’ll post it up for free download.


Last Offence – Run A Lap (EP)

1. The Details
2. Hard Time Hatin’
3. You Should Be Mine
4. I Don’t Really Know You
5. Very Bad Things
6. Hello Boyz
7. Ask For Last
8. So Magical (Bonus Track)

Download Free

Last Offence is an openly gay hip-hop artist. This guy is on his A game with the “Run A Lap” (EP). He is a lyrical beast and his delivery is crazy. I love him and I believe YOU will LOVE him too.

Must Have’s

Here’s a couple of songs by some independent homosexual music makers!

Tyler Adam (with Steam Punk) – Cosmic Love Affliction

Last OffenceSo Magical

Kyle Ord Candy Boy


I wanted to share with you another artist I’ve stumbled onto. He calls himself “88-Keys” and he is the shit!. He dropped a mixtape and an album in 2008.

The mixtape “Adam’s Case Files” gets 4/5 stars

The CD – “The Death of Adam” gets 5/5 stars

The CD is a must have. If you don’t have it yet – it’s perfect to bump in the car…go get it!

Eye Legacy

Tyler Adam is featured on the new Nel Motzy Esq album!

Hip-Hop artist Nel Motzy Esq has a brand new album on the way called “Hollyhood, Here I Come”. Tyler Adam submitted “Pushing Me” to be featured on the CD with produced by Antzilla and a hook by Tyler. Nel Motzy used the track and it made it into the final edit of the album. Check out this video of Nel Motzy in the studio previewing the album for you.

Also as a bonus – download free –

Pushing Me (feat. Tyler Adam) by Nel Motzy Esq RIGHT CLICK “SAVE AS”

New Streets video!

The Street’s who released the latest album “Everything Is Borrowed” earlier this year, has just dropped off the newest video from the album. The latest single is “Heaven For The Weather” which features Mike as Dr. M. Skinner a cult guru with a large fan base of followers for his book “Get Low”

The video reminds me of my days in University and is fitting for The Streets, though perhaps not their best.