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“Dynamite” “Get Drunk Tonight!” and “Walk It Off”

I’ve been working this past week on some new songs. The one that I have put the most work into so far is “Get Drunk Tonight!” I want it to be a party record that makes you long to partake in the events. I’ve been lucky enough to have the help of my friend Kaitlin McNeil on the background vocals for the song too. Although, I confess that I will not be releasing it anytime soon. I feel like the song needs a few more voices mixed in to give it that true party feel. It’s not much of a party with just two people. LOL So I am holding onto it until I’ve had a few more faces in the studio willing to add a few vocals.

I’ve also started to rewrite and record a demo from a few years ago called “Walk It Off”.  Walk it Off is a gay club record if there ever was one. I sing about a stunning man who catches my eye and gets the better of my thoughts in a club – causing the always embarrassing public hard-on. A hip-hop/rnb vibed beat produced by THX gives this song instant street cred. It’s my hope that I am able to execute a good vocal track to go with the song. I’m not sure if this one will be something that I can officially release as a “Tyler Adam” single.. but perhaps when it’s done.. THX will have an artist better suited to use the song. I’d be content with a songwriting credit. It could easily be sung by an Usher or Chris Brown type… if the subject mater was changed from a sexy man to a sexy woman. Fingers Crossed*

Last night I started work on a new song called “Dynamite”… The song will eventually be released alongside “Get Drunk Tonight”. Dynamite is a song about a character that I often assume when writing songs. The character is that of a time traveler who is sent through the ages with important quests to save the “people”… In Dynamite the character finds himself in an unknown year. The song is about the internal battle the character goes through in trying to be a “strong man” in the face of new unknown challenges. The character is also a lover… who’s love remains behind in the time he comes from. The song is about his ability to work effectively as a time traveler despite his longing to be with the one he loves. He sings about the one left behind and how their love is like Dynamite that blows him into millions of pieces. It’s his task to pull all the pieces back together in order to function effectively in the face of his current task. He must save the people.

It was my goal this year to focus on recording each song I take on to the best of my abilities. In order to have that kind of focus I decided not to release any mixtapes/cd’s etc.. but rather just single songs at a time… BUT.. “Get Drunk Tonight!” and “Dynamite” will be saved until I have finished recording to a number of instrumentals by the same producer. It is my wish to release all of the songs recorded with this particular producer together as a mixtape currently being called “Dancefloor Killa” (Against my original plans for the year)

What this means is that I may decide to honor my original plan of releasing only singles this year and I may end up holding onto the songs “Get Drunk Tonight!” and “Dynamite” until 2012 for release with “Dancefloor Killa” Both songs are of a pop/electronic vibe as will be the rest of the tracks to feature on this mixtape. There is always the possibility that I may finish writing and recording the rest of the songs to feature before year end… in which case I would release the mixtape in ’11.

While that is all the news for right now on recordings.. Hope everyone is having a great day XOXOX


Tyler Adam – Spiritual Revolution (Video)

Back in 2008 I released an instrumental EP called “Prophecy” that featured 6 instrumental songs. Check out this home-made video for “Spiritual Revolution”

Get Drunk Tonight!

Been working on a song the last few days called “Get Drunk Tonight” .. I’m working out a few more harmonized layers to bulk it up and give it that professional sound and then I’m going to post it up for everyone to hear. I’ve been trying to find my way “Out of the closet and onto the dancefloor” the last few weeks with my songwriting. By that I mean that I am trying to work on upbeat pop songs. “Get Drunk Tonight!” is no exception.


My song Enough has hit the Top 5 on Indie Charts at / Official.FM / and

I wrote the song back when I was in high school about what I was thinking and feeling when I decided to come out of the closet to family and friends. I released the song as part of an EP in January of 2011 along with the A Capella and Instrumental versions. Due to the success of the song and the overwhelming feedback from listeners I am working on a REMIX EP to release later this year with mix’s by some awesome DJ’s. I would also love to shoot a music video for this song and have a few idea’s floating around as to how it should all go down. Just need someone with a camera and some video editing software (Any takers?) Should I pull this all together in the next few months while the online buzz is still a stir this may just perhaps lead to being my first OFFICIAL release. If it gains “enough” (lol) momentum in the coming weeks and a video is created I would love to send it to iTunes/Amazon etc and run an official radio campaign. In the meantime check out the original version that is doing so well with a free download 🙂

Enough [EP]

Tyler Adam – Enough FREE DOWNLOAD

Toy Soldier

I have been sent a song to record from singer/songwriter JaySING called “Toy Soldier” .. it’s an uber gay rap track with a simple but catchy hook. It’s a song about standing up for gay rights. It’s a song that uses Toy Soldiers as a metaphor for self-hating closeted gays.

I usually like to empower gays and not make fun of them.. as I am one.. but I feel like coming out and standing up for our rights is an important thing to do. It’s not always safe when you are young and it can be very, very hard.. so I am in no way saying you have to do so… but for me. It’s important to take a stand and be brave, openly gay singer-songwriter. So I sing the song in fun and I hope it makes you feel empowered. Even if you just listen to it at home alone in your “closet”

I have not finished recording it just yet. I want to see about adding a few more harmonies to give it a professional sound. When it’s all done I’ll post it up for free download.

“Not About Me”

There is a great guy out there that go’s by the name Brett Alan Basil. He’s also part of the Band “Pink Sheep” which I hear has recently disbanded. Brett has been a friend of mine for a few months now and has been sending me demo’s to record. The first song I did with Brett is called “Not Enough Love”

“Not Enough Love” is a rock song in the style of The Beatles. It’s a heartbreaking piano ballad about a lover that repeatedly strays and yet remains hopeful he can return home. The song is about not having enough love left in your heart to let them back in even one more time. It’s about finally closing the door.

I released the song online in January of this year as an EP featuring the title track, an A Capella and the instrumental. So far the song has had success on reaching the #1 spot on the Rock charts. The song has also broken into the top 200 Rock songs on

“Not Enough Love” can also be heard on CBCRadio3 & Official.FM

Just a few days ago Brett emailed me a new demo called “Not About You” .. about a full of themselves prick who always has to get their own way. I decided to spin it a bit and I recorded the song as “Not About Me”, singing from the perspective of the self-centered bastard. I have just posted it up for stream/download on FaceBook, ReverbNation & Official.FM

Check it out!!

Tyler Adam –Not About Me

“Let’s Dance”

I have been given a song called “Let’s Dance” by Jaden Rosencrans to record. It’s a fun pop song about taking over the world with dance. 😀 The beat is fantastic!! I recorded the bulk of my vocals for it a few days ago, and got to spend some time earlier today mixing them. I am thinking that it would be fun to have a few friends record vocals for the hook.. so I’m holding onto it for now. Jaden’s version of the song is out right now as his current single. Once mine is done and Jaden give’s me the okay I will post it up for you all to enjoy. It make me happy so I’m sure it will do the same for you!
-Tyler Adam