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Studio Layout

Today I am moving the studio into a new location. It’s always exciting to have a new creative space to work in. However, it also a bit stressful to have all of my precious gear being moved about. Hopefully it will all be set up soon and I can go back to making music.

In the meantime – here’s a cover I did of Kyle Ord’s song “Dance Till They Kill Us”

Tyler Adam - Dance Till They Kill Us
Tyler Adam – Dance Till They Kill Us (Kyle Ord Cover)


A little bit late

So it’s been more than a week since Toronto’s 2009 gay pride weekend went down – but the video I’m about to post is still worth watching. I got the chance to see Esthero perform live while in T.O. – Here’s a video of her performing her final song of the show “We Need A Musical Revolution”.

The performance was great! Enjoy

Robyn – Cobrastyle (Video)

I just came across a new version of the Cobrastyle video by Robyn. I am very impressed. Check it out!.

Brandy – LouBoutin

A little bird came to my window today and tweeted away about a new Brandy song called LouBoutin. The song is apparently for the clubs and may very well be her first single for album #6. For those who don’t know Christian LouBoutin is a shoe designer who creates shoes that are a piece of art. I am hype about the new song and excited to hear it/try it on. There is some buzz that the single could be dropping in JUNE.

Filthy, Rich & Famous

Check out this song of mine!..

Tyler Adam – Filthy, Rich & Famous
Download Here

Kelly Rowland – Love Takes Over (Acoustic)

I have fallen in love with the new David Guetta / Kelly Rowland dance track called “When Love Takes Over”

Here is the Acoustic Version of the song done by Ms Kelly on Radio1 in the UK.

Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over (Acoustic)
Download Here

The Streets -Trust Me (Tyler Adam reMIX)

I have been a big fan of The Streets since living in a Frat House during University. I was introduced to Mike Skinner by the guys in my house. I fell in love. I have also been a big fan of Twitter and have been posting on a regular basis. (Twitter is just so simple) – ANYHow, Mike also uses Twitter and has been posting free tunes every week to d/l. This past week he didn’t have as many free tracks – but he did have a remix sample pack for d/l. I jumped all over it. My remix is complete. I wanted to give him a beat that was his style but also infused with something that I can only describe as similar to The Postal Service. Check it out!.

The Streets – Trust Me (Tyler Adam reMIX)
Download Here