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“Let’s Dance”

I have been given a song called “Let’s Dance” by Jaden Rosencrans to record. It’s a fun pop song about taking over the world with dance. 😀 The beat is fantastic!! I recorded the bulk of my vocals for it a few days ago, and got to spend some time earlier today mixing them. I am thinking that it would be fun to have a few friends record vocals for the hook.. so I’m holding onto it for now. Jaden’s version of the song is out right now as his current single. Once mine is done and Jaden give’s me the okay I will post it up for you all to enjoy. It make me happy so I’m sure it will do the same for you!
-Tyler Adam


Long time no see!..

To anyone who visits here or has this saved in their fav’s.. I apologize for being away so long. I am back now and will update more regularly.

It’s a Sunny Day!

It’s a sunny day today and one of my best friends is having a baby! It’s a great day in the neighborhood. Music has been at a bit of a stand still for me. I’ve been opening up old sessions in the studio and mixing them differently now that the recording of the tracks wasn’t so fresh on the brain. However, I feel a bit stuck and uninspired.

Hoping to find a fresh idea to work on. I’m thinking of tackling a new genre.

Temposhark – New album!

The UK indie group Temposhark is gearing up to the release of their 2nd album. The follow up to 2008’s “The Invisible Line” will be available later this year according to an email I got from lead singer Robert.

To celebrate the coming of new music from Temposhark – I wanted to post a remix that I did of “Joy” from “The Invisible Line”.


Joy (Tyler Adam reMIX) by Temposhark

Download Here

Coconut Records – Davy

My new favorite CD just came out. The album is called Davy and it’s put together by solo artist Jason Schwartzman aka Coconut Records.

This is Jason’s second album. Davy is the follow up to 2007’s “Nighttiming”.

Both albums are great! Listen to Davy in full by visiting Coconut Records on MySpace!

Hard Times for Hollywood

In case you don’t already have this incredible HOMO-HOP song you need to download it. I know I do sing on the song so I probably shouldn’t be in love with it as much as I am – But I’m also a big fan of Hollywood. He’s the featured artist on the song in question. I’m talking about “Hard Times” (feat. Hollywood).

Hard Times [Part II] (feat. Hollywood) by Tyler Adam

Brandy performs Departed on Tyra Banks!

Brandy does a superb job of her first single “Right Here (Departed)”.  She performed this leading track from her new album Human live on Tyra Banks Show and did a knock out job. She recently said that Celine Dion was an inspiration for her when making the album. You can truly hear it in this performance. She includes a nice high Celine\Whitney note at the end that is not featured on the original recording. It was brilliant. Next year she will be all over the Grammy’s!

Also check out this video of Brandy this-morning!

Followed up with Long Distance. Long Distance is the 2nd single and one of my favorite Brandy ballads.