Studio Layout

Today I am moving the studio into a new location. It’s always exciting to have a new creative space to work in. However, it also a bit stressful to have all of my precious gear being moved about. Hopefully it will all be set up soon and I can go back to making music.

In the meantime – here’s a cover I did of Kyle Ord’s song “Dance Till They Kill Us”

Tyler Adam - Dance Till They Kill Us
Tyler Adam – Dance Till They Kill Us (Kyle Ord Cover)


Long time no see!..

To anyone who visits here or has this saved in their fav’s.. I apologize for being away so long. I am back now and will update more regularly.

It’s a Sunny Day!

It’s a sunny day today and one of my best friends is having a baby! It’s a great day in the neighborhood. Music has been at a bit of a stand still for me. I’ve been opening up old sessions in the studio and mixing them differently now that the recording of the tracks wasn’t so fresh on the brain. However, I feel a bit stuck and uninspired.

Hoping to find a fresh idea to work on. I’m thinking of tackling a new genre.

A little bit late

So it’s been more than a week since Toronto’s 2009 gay pride weekend went down – but the video I’m about to post is still worth watching. I got the chance to see Esthero perform live while in T.O. – Here’s a video of her performing her final song of the show “We Need A Musical Revolution”.

The performance was great! Enjoy

Robyn – Cobrastyle (Video)

I just came across a new version of the Cobrastyle video by Robyn. I am very impressed. Check it out!.

Brandy – LouBoutin

A little bird came to my window today and tweeted away about a new Brandy song called LouBoutin. The song is apparently for the clubs and may very well be her first single for album #6. For those who don’t know Christian LouBoutin is a shoe designer who creates shoes that are a piece of art. I am hype about the new song and excited to hear it/try it on. There is some buzz that the single could be dropping in JUNE.

Filthy, Rich & Famous

Check out this song of mine!..

Tyler Adam – Filthy, Rich & Famous
Download Here