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My song Enough has hit the Top 5 on Indie Charts at SoundClick.com / Official.FM / ArtistServer.com and CanadianMusic.com

I wrote the song back when I was in high school about what I was thinking and feeling when I decided to come out of the closet to family and friends. I released the song as part of an EP in January of 2011 along with the A Capella and Instrumental versions. Due to the success of the song and the overwhelming feedback from listeners I am working on a REMIX EP to release later this year with mix’s by some awesome DJ’s. I would also love to shoot a music video for this song and have a few idea’s floating around as to how it should all go down. Just need someone with a camera and some video editing software (Any takers?) Should I pull this all together in the next few months while the online buzz is still a stir this may just perhaps lead to being my first OFFICIAL release. If it gains “enough” (lol) momentum in the coming weeks and a video is created I would love to send it to iTunes/Amazon etc and run an official radio campaign. In the meantime check out the original version that is doing so well with a free download 🙂

Enough [EP]

Tyler Adam – Enough FREE DOWNLOAD


Toy Soldier

I have been sent a song to record from singer/songwriter JaySING called “Toy Soldier” .. it’s an uber gay rap track with a simple but catchy hook. It’s a song about standing up for gay rights. It’s a song that uses Toy Soldiers as a metaphor for self-hating closeted gays.

I usually like to empower gays and not make fun of them.. as I am one.. but I feel like coming out and standing up for our rights is an important thing to do. It’s not always safe when you are young and it can be very, very hard.. so I am in no way saying you have to do so… but for me. It’s important to take a stand and be brave, openly gay singer-songwriter. So I sing the song in fun and I hope it makes you feel empowered. Even if you just listen to it at home alone in your “closet”

I have not finished recording it just yet. I want to see about adding a few more harmonies to give it a professional sound. When it’s all done I’ll post it up for free download.

Filthy, Rich & Famous

Check out this song of mine!..

Tyler Adam – Filthy, Rich & Famous
Download Here

In the studio again.

So now that the main computer is up and running again, I’ve been able to put in some studio time. I am waiting right now on beats from my favorite producer Antzilla. He’s from the UK and has been working with me for years.

I am ready to put together my second album to release via Jack Kitty Records. I wanted him to produce so he’s working on some tracks for me right now.

I wanted to get in some practice well I was waiting and try out some new things. I have pulled a few free tracks from SoundClick and recorded a few B-Sides.

Maybe You Could Be (Cover)

Maybe You Could Be (Cover)

1. We Only Move Forward by Tyler Adam Download Free
2. You Know by Tyler Adam Download Free
3. Maybe You Could Be by Tyler Adam Download Free
4. Right Here by Tyler Adam Download Free

I have been listening to a lot of music recently by The Beatles, Elton John and Alanis Morissette. These four tracks are very much influenced by these artists. I have made these tracks available for free download via Last.FM

Hello world!

I am Canadian singer-songwriter Tyler Adam. I have way too much time on my hands that I spend online – I thought I’d be a tad bit more constructive and have my own blog. 🙂

Tyler Adam