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My song Enough has hit the Top 5 on Indie Charts at SoundClick.com / Official.FM / ArtistServer.com and CanadianMusic.com

I wrote the song back when I was in high school about what I was thinking and feeling when I decided to come out of the closet to family and friends. I released the song as part of an EP in January of 2011 along with the A Capella and Instrumental versions. Due to the success of the song and the overwhelming feedback from listeners I am working on a REMIX EP to release later this year with mix’s by some awesome DJ’s. I would also love to shoot a music video for this song and have a few idea’s floating around as to how it should all go down. Just need someone with a camera and some video editing software (Any takers?) Should I pull this all together in the next few months while the online buzz is still a stir this may just perhaps lead to being my first OFFICIAL release. If it gains “enough” (lol) momentum in the coming weeks and a video is created I would love to send it to iTunes/Amazon etc and run an official radio campaign. In the meantime check out the original version that is doing so well with a free download 🙂

Enough [EP]

Tyler Adam – Enough FREE DOWNLOAD


Filthy, Rich & Famous

Check out this song of mine!..

Tyler Adam – Filthy, Rich & Famous
Download Here

Last Offence – Run A Lap (EP)

1. The Details
2. Hard Time Hatin’
3. You Should Be Mine
4. I Don’t Really Know You
5. Very Bad Things
6. Hello Boyz
7. Ask For Last
8. So Magical (Bonus Track)

Download Free

Last Offence is an openly gay hip-hop artist. This guy is on his A game with the “Run A Lap” (EP). He is a lyrical beast and his delivery is crazy. I love him and I believe YOU will LOVE him too.

Download “The Pen15 Club” (Part I)



Must Have’s

Here’s a couple of songs by some independent homosexual music makers!

Tyler Adam (with Steam Punk) – Cosmic Love Affliction

Last OffenceSo Magical

Kyle Ord Candy Boy

New Gay Music – GROUP


I have started a group on Last.FM for everyone that enjoys listening to music created my homosexuals. It’s geared toward gay artists that are current in music and the people who like to listen to them.

Check out the group on Last.FM and join >>> HERE

QBoy – Oh Yeah!

The sexiest gay hip-hop artist out of the UK has a new song and it’s out now! The song is called “Oh Yeah” and can be heard by visiting his official MySpace >>> myspace.com/qboymusic

Also! Here’s a free download of another with QBoy

Tyler Adam – Pushing Me (feat. QBoy)